The Powerful Natural Remedy to Cure Asthma

Asthma, a respiratory disorder that makes people hard to breathe. Everyone has different symptoms. Some are due to the cold weather, too tired, or also from laughing too hard. Even crying and feeling sad too can make asthma patient relapse.

Although the case of asthma is common, but it is not easy to beat asthma. Spray drug used by patients not to cure. But to relieve symptoms recur each time. The sprayed liquid will dilate the wall in the narrowed airway. Thus, the patient can breathe again. But, is there a potent drug that is easily obtainable? Reporting from various sources, following a powerful natural remedy to cure asthma.

1. You only need the original honey mixed with warm water, then drink. This warm water will help the wall of your respiratory tract that had narrowed back to widen.

2. If you do not like honey, you can also replace it with ginger. simply by mashing ginger peeled and cleaned until smooth. Then mix into warm water, then drink.

3. Have you ever heard of asthma medications made from dried flowers? Yes, dried Ylang flowers can actually cure asthma. You only need 3 Ylang flowers dry. Then boiled with 200 cc of water until boiling. Do not forget, cover the pan until the meeting. After chilling, drinking water every day regularly.

4. Not just drinking the potion, you also need to breathe clean air. If you have time, it’s better to go to the beach or to the beautiful mountains. Spend a few hours to walk there. If you do this every day, your asthma will heal, you know!

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