8 Best Herbs To Relieve Tooth Pain

Tooth pain or toothache is a pain that occurs in the area around the teeth and jaws due to damage caused by several things. According to doctor, toothache is one of the mild symptoms of heart disease and stroke. Therefore, you should be a little wary if you have problem with toothache right now.

Pain in the teeth makes people unable to sleep soundly and have an effect on headache, irritability due to the circumstances surrounding the rowdy, and you can not focus for doing anything. In many cases, toothaches are caused by tooth decay, can cracks, porous, or gum disease. The cause of toothache most common is the presence of bacteria on the teeth over time can create cavities.

Most people get the advice of a friend or family member to treat toothache by gargling warm water and use salt. Actually how to treat toothache is not entirely successful, the fact that in some cases there were made on dental pain more severe and throbbing. It happened because some people are sensitive toothed.

8 Best Herbs To Relieve Tooth Pain 

This is several options toothache herbal medicines and follow the instruction below:

1. Coconut Shell Oil

Ingredients: Coconut shell that has been divided into two and cotton to taste. Take one part coconut shell, then burn until the oil out. Take coconut shell oil using cotton, then attach it to a sore tooth. After that you will be surprised by the reaction of these drugs fast enough, the pain in the tooth would disappear in just a few minutes.

2. Betel Leaves and Cloves

Ingredients: Betel leaves and cloves to taste.
Boil the ingredients, then use water to rinse several times. If you are not able to make this herb, mouthwash from a mixture of cloves and betel leaf can be purchased at the market.

3. Garlic

Ingredients: Garlic (1 grain).

Peel the outer skin of the garlic, then mash until smooth. Attach the garlic collision on the outside of the sore tooth.
How to treatment 2: Wash garlic with warm water. Chew on raw garlic for a few minutes, then discard and the bacteria that cause toothache will die.


4. Clove Oil

Ingredients: Clove oil to taste.
Use clove oil by way of shedding it on the aching tooth using cotton or cotton bud (taped-paste). Once the pain goes away (approximately 30 minutes), then rinse with warm water.

5. Sunflowers and Ginger

Ingredients: Sunflower (50 grams), ginger (5 grams), and clear water (600 cc). Ginger and sunflower boiled in 600 cc water to boiling and water remaining 300 cc. Strain the cooking water and drinking this herbal remedy toothache while warm.


Ingredients: Lemongrass (40 grams), boiled water (2 cups).
Boil all the lemongrass in 2 cups of water to a boil and reduced water glass. Use this medication to gargle daily until toothache is disappears.


7. Warm Tea (Without Sugar)

Ingredients: One cup warm tea without sugar.
Use the tea water to rinse several times, then allow 15 minutes. Afterwards put a used tea bag to relieve inflammation of the gums.

8 Tamarind Seeds (Healer of Coral Healing)

Ingredients: tamarind to taste.
Fry without oil of tamarind seeds (roasted) and then pounded until tender. Enter tamarind seed that has been refined in the cloth, and rub it on the teeth that have holes.

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6 Replies to “8 Best Herbs To Relieve Tooth Pain”

  1. I’ve been putting off going to the dentist because it’s so expensive and I know they’re going to push me to fix a chipped tooth. I know I’ll have to go soon before the tooth potentially starts bothering me so it’s good to know that if it does I can do some things to alleviate the pain!

  2. These are awesome tips here. I love me alternative to common drugs that do damage while they heal.
    I tried clove oil one, it really does work and makes the tooth go numb, like an anesthetic.

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