7 Herbal Medicines For Cure Lumbago

Lumbago is often experienced by adults, especially for those heavy workers who often do not feel energy or physical. In addition to unskilled workers, those who are elderly are also vulnerable to this complaint.

In general, complaints of back pain (Lumbago) are closely related to the lining and use of the spine. The spine is composed of more than one segment that forms a unity of benefits so that it can carry out the desired movements, such as: standing, sitting, squatting, bending, twisting, or tilting. The next row of spine forms a forward curve in the neck and waist area, and a backward arch in the chest and hip area. In one spine with the other contained joints so as to allow the movement to rotate right and left.

Causes of Lumbago:

  • There are mechanical problems with the composition and unity of the spine.
  • Improper movements or posture when bending and lifting weights or belongings.
  • Sleep with a base that is really flexible so as to make the spine follow the bending of the base to sleep.
  • Lack of exercise so that the flexibility of the joints and tissues decreases.
  • Injuries caused by simple movements, such as: lifting, pushing, or bending.
  • Often wear high heels. When wearing high heels, there is a push from the spine that bends forward. If this condition persists, it can cause joints in the spine around your waist to experience friction and joint syndrome.
  • Kidney disease. The presence of kidney disease can cause severe pain or pain in the waist. Kidney failure can make lumbago worse because the kidneys function to filter body fluids, so if the kidneys are not functioning, the body does not have a balanced electrolyte fluid.
7 Herbal Medicines For Cure Lumbago
1. Soursop leaf herb

Take as many as 20 pieces of soursop leaves then washed thoroughly. Then, add water and boil until boiling. Eat ½ cup of boiled soursop leaf water every day to treat your back pain.

2. The ingredients of the cat’s whiskers plant

Boil the roots and leaves of the cat’s whiskers which have been washed before. Boil until the cooking water is half. Let stand for the night then drink the next day.

3. Tamarind herb

Prepare tamarind and 4-8 galangal. Wash the galangal, then mash it with grated. After that, add enough tamarind, stir until evenly distributed and apply on the diseased waist.

4. Ginger concoction

Prepare ginger that has been washed and thinly sliced, 75% alcohol and cayenne pepper that has been cleaned from the stem. Mix all of these ingredients and do fermentation for two weeks. After two weeks, use the potion or solution to rub on the waist that feels pain or pain.

5. Potion of onion

Prepare the onion root, red ginger and sun boi an angco or Chinese dates, then add enough water and boil until the water boils and halves. After that, drink this potion of water while still warm to relieve back pain.

6. Topical medication from garlic

The way of making it is almost the same as making a topical concoction made from onion, the way is to prepare garlic, chili powder, red ginger and 75% alcohol solution. Mix all ingredients and soak for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks, this herb you can use as a topical for your waist that feels pain or pain.

7. Senecio divaricata herb

Take a few sheets of Senecio divaricata leaves that have been washed clean, red ginger, mustard root and black Intersection. Add water and boil all ingredients until boiling until the water remains half of the previous water. Drink this mixture while still warm and drink regularly every day so that your back pain decreases.

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  1. I didn’t know what lumbago was. Not sure if these plants will cure a bones problem, but I can imagine they can help with the pain.

  2. I never knew Lumbago also meant back pain. These sound like some pretty great herbal medicines to help manage the back pain issues.

  3. I absolutely love the use of herbs for medicine. My primary care physician is a naturopath and I’ve never felt like my conditions weren’t being treated properly. People really underestimate the power behind herbal medicine!

  4. I have no idea herbal medicine would reduce back pain, which I have it for a long time due to inappropriate posture at work. I really need to try some of these.

  5. I am a big fan of natural remedies for pain. My husband sometimes experiences back pain and I definitely want to try out the natural remedies you have listed in the post vs. prescription meds.

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