4 Therapy Reduces Minus Eye

Suffering from minus eye did make a few things to be limited as an example exercising. Below will be described several ways to reduce eye minus that writers get through their own experience or reading books and articles on how to reduce eye minus that has been circulating in the market.

Betel Leaf Therapy.

The betel leaf has various properties, one of which is to remove the dirt, treat irritation, kill germs and fungi in the eye. The way to do therapy betel leaf is: Take 2 pieces of betel leaf. Wash thoroughly (do not boil because it will emit the substances contained in it). Stick it on the eyelids before bed (can use the help of plaster in order to stick to the eye). The next morning, remove the betel leaves and wash your face.

Candle Therapy.

Candle therapy can be used to help the eye to remove dirt through tears. Ways to do wax therapy are: Take 1 candle and turn it on. Stare at the candle without blinking until your eyes plenty of tears. Perform approximately 4x a week.

Eye Palming Therapy.

This technique can help your eyes to rest and is well used after you do eye exercises. The way to do eye palming techniques is: Rub your hands until they feel slightly hot. Close both eyes and cover with your hand (not to press the eyeball). There should be no light from outside coming in. Do this several times until you feel your eyes relax. You can perform this technique anytime eye palming your eyes begin to feel tired.

Compress with Warm Water Therapy.

One way to reduce eye minus most authors prefer the way this one. By compressing the eyes with warm water makes the eyes to relax so that the red vein in the eyeball is lost. The trick is as follows: Take a small towel clean. Soak in warm water (a little heat does not matter as long as not to make the skin blister). Stick it on the eyelid while lying down. Repeat several times, the result will be immediate, tired eyes will be refreshed.

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