3 Great Benefits of Fresh Basil Leaf for Skin

Ordinary basil leaves become fresh vegetables that add to the taste of food eaten. However, not only makes food more delicious, fresh basil leaves are also beneficial for the skin, you know.

Fresh basil leaves also have a number of properties for the skin of the face and body. This is mainly due to its antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Here we describe some of the beauty benefits of 3 Great Benefits of Fresh Basil Leaf for Skin that can be obtained from a handful of fresh basil leaves from various sources.

1. Prevent skin cancer

Reported by Spiceography, citral and limonene contained in basil have anti-inflammatory properties. Likewise with the high vitamin K content it has. Not only effective against inflammation in zits, but also efficacious to prevent skin cancer.

2. Prevent acne

As reported by the Specialty Produce, basil contains several types of essential oils. Some of them are linalool, nerol and citral. All three have antimicrobial and antibacterial functions, so they can protect the skin from bacteria and acne-triggering germs.

If you want to use basil to deal with zits, take a handful of fresh leaves. Mash with hygienic equipment, then apply to face.

If your face is oily, add a little lemon juice. While for dry skin, honey is needed.

3. Relieve skin diseases

The antimicrobial and antibacterial functions of basil are also effective in treating several types of skin diseases, including psoriasis and phlegm. Simply spread the fresh basil that has been finely ground on the problematic skin, then let it sit for about thirty minutes.

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  1. Great post and yes I have heard about the benefits of basil leaves. I have a plant in my garden and we sometimes do have the leaves.

  2. Oh wow! I didn’t know basil was for anything other than spaghetti sauce and pizza. That’s really cool. It’s amazing what plants cand do.

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